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Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2021) [Hindi Dubbed + English] Movie online Download & Torrent

Wrong Turn The Foundation Full Movie Download

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Wrong Turn: The Foundation Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Name : Wrong Turn: The Foundation
Director : Mike P. Nelson
Country : USA
All Genres Horror, Thriller
IMDb: 5.5/10
Released Year : 26 Jan 2021
Cast In : Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Bill Sage
Plot: Friends hiking the Appalachian Trail are confronted by ‘The Foundation’, a community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years.

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1- As this film opens Scott Shaw heads to a remote town in Virginia to look for his daughter, Jen, who has gone missing while hiking the Appalachian Trail with a group of friends. The action then jumps back six weeks and we see Jen and her friends arriving. They are a diverse group of liberal Northerners who aren’t exactly made to feel welcome… they are warned to stick to the trail. They haven’t gone far when this advice is ignored and soon they are in real danger. They trigger lethal traps and encounter a group known as The Foundation that has been living an apparently isolated existence since 1859. This group take their privacy seriously and have very strict laws.

I must state that I haven’t seen any of the previous ‘Wrong Turn’ films so can’t say how this compares… it also meant I went into this with no real expectations about what should happen. It turns out it was a decent enough horror film. There are plenty of reasonably scary moments as well as quite a few unpleasant deaths. The protagonists aren’t particularly likeable; they may be diverse and politically liberal but they have their own prejudices. Without going into retails I thought the way friends crossed paths with The Foundation; the various traps were fun and the Foundation appeared scary. On the down side one really does have to suspend ones disbelief; The Foundation might be a danger to hikers but one can’t imagine the authorities would be ignorant and tolerant of people disappearing on a particular mountain for a hundred and seventy years! The setting looks great even though it was filmed in Ohio rather than Virginia. Overall I’d say this is worth watching but not a must watch for horror fans; just don’t take it too seriously.

2- Remakes (or re-stylings, or re-imaginings, or whatever they are called nowadays) come faster and sooner. The original “Wrong Turn” was only released in 2003, and not even twenty years later the reboot is here already. Usually US-remakes only come this fast when the original is a foreign horror-hit, like from Japan or Scandinavia or something. But then again, society changed a lot since 2003, and a remake actually can be justified.

As per 2020, it’s not longer acceptable to send a bunch of dumb, heterosexual Caucasian teenagers into the backwoods. It also isn’t allowed anymore to depict mountaintop hermits as inbred freaks with bad dental hygiene and fingers missing. And so, now, we are supposed to be believe that interracial gay couples and uptight oncology-students go for primitive hiking vacations in the West-Virginian woods. We are also supposed to believe that a handful of families can live in a secluded community for more than 200 years without their bloodlines getting affected by inbreeding or lack of qualitative living standards. Fine by me, but then at least have the decency to name your film “Woke Turn” instead “Wrong Turn”.

In my humble opinion, writer Alan B. McElroy and director Mike Nelson should have given it a different title, and started a whole new franchise. The first half may qualify as a remake, but the second half is another film. When the plot runs out of annoying hipsters to slaughter at the 45 minutes’ mark, “Wrong Turn” takes a U-turn itself. I won’t reveal too much, but Matthew Modine thinks he’s Liam Neeson, and his daughter is tougher than a crossbreed between Lara Croft and Natasha Romanoff. The plot is hopelessly implausible and improbable, but luckily there’s some good gore to enjoy, and the climax is quite (unintentionally?) funny.

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